Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bridge the Divide : Ride the Hawthorne Bridge for a Better CRC

The Columbia River Crossing can be done a whole lot better for both Portland and Vancouver OR we can mortgage our future with the current counterproductive, multi-billion dollar fiasco. Demonstrate to your fellow Oregonians and Oregon Lawmakers that we can build better bridges by racking up record numbers on the Hawthorne Bridge cycle counter. Bring your fun self, music makers, merriment, donuts and ride the bridge as many times as you please. Who will get the most clicks (remember you get one click per side).

Save the Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 2013      -------     12:00am until 11:45pm


  1. and for those watching from home:

  2. We'll be meeting at 12:01AM for a photo op with the bridge counter at 0000.

    Come down anytime, organize a group ride, we'll meet up again with the evening commute and turn it into a bike-dance party into the evening.

  3. just got back (9:30pm) from doing 8 miles/loops on the Hawthorne, so that's 16 counts for me... it went up at least 20 every time I passed it from all the other traffic... seemed like I was the only one doing it, but at least I had xmas lights on...

    I think 4120 something was the last number I saw...

    1. Rad job, thank you. :) Hope to see you out to future PDX Bike Swarm happenings and events related to building better bridges.